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Watershed disciples: Studying the local landscape
Was Jesus a Practitioner of Nonviolence? Reading Mark 1:21-3:19 through Martin Luther King
Unleashing the Vulnerable Word: Reflections on Ched Myers as a Provocateur for a Healing Church
Trauma and Memory: Challenges to Settler Solidarity
Transfiguration and Disfiguration: Remembering August 6-9 and Ladon Sheats
The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance: Interview with Na'Taki Osborne Jelks (FREE Community Webinar in Celebration of World Water Day)
The Way the Book Invites: Daniel Berrigan as Biblical Interpreter
The Gift Must Always Move: An Interview with Ched Myers on Sabbath Economics
The Fall and Anarcho-Primitivism and the Bible
The Cedar Has Fallen! The Prophetic Word vs. Imperial Clear-Cutting
Stories to Live By: Reading the Bible in the New Millennium
Spoils of the Poor: Isaiah 3
Seek First the Kingdom: The Life and Death of Ladon Sheats
Sabbath Economics interview January 13, 2014
Sabbath Economics booklet bundle: The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics (Myers) and Sabbath Economics: Household Practices (Colwell)
Review of Jim Douglass, JFK: Why He Died and Why It Matters
Reinhabiting the River of Life (Rev 22:1–2): Rehydration, Redemption, and Watershed Discipleship
Recorded Webinar: “A Lifetime of Hospitality and Resistance: A Visit with Jeff Dietrich of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker.”
Recorded Webinar: "Forty Years in the Belly of the Beast: Interview with Elizabeth McAlister of Jonah House."
Re-engaging Religious Teaching on Consumption: Ched Myers and Sabbath Economics
Pay Attention to the Great Economy: Reflections on Luke 12:13-34, Earth Cosmology and Sabbath Economics
Pay Attention to the Birds: A Bible study on Luke 12, Ecology, and Economics
Our God is Undocumented: Biblical Reflections on the Sanctuary Movement
Our God is Undocumented: A Conversation
Mixed Blessing: A Biblical Inquiry into a Patriotic Cant
Justice that Restores Lives: A Conversation with Murphy Davis
Jesus as Nonviolent Activist
It’s the End of the World as We Know It... Resistance and Discipleship: Reflections on Exodus 1-2 and Mark 14
It is An Issue of Equality: Biblical Reflections on Wealth and Poverty
Introduction to Widening the Circle: Experiments in Christian Discipleship
Interview: Watershed Discipleship - April 2017
Interview: Our God is Undocumented - June 2016
Homing I Keep You: A Tribute to Libby Radcliffe
Galvanizing Will: What Restorative Justice means to Voiceless Victims
From "Creation Care to "Watershed Discipleship": Re-Placing Ecological Theology and Practice
Free Recorded Webinar: Cloud of Witnesses: Reclaiming the Triduum of Saints
Free Recorded Webinar: "What is Restorative Justice in the Case of Historical Violation?"
Free Recorded Webinar: "The West Atlanta Watershed Alliance: Interview with Na'Taki Osborne Jelks"
Free Recorded Webinar: "Ecojustice Theology Webinar Series Video: Prophetic Protest over Deforestation, Biblical and Contemporary"
Foreword to Ross and Gloria Kinsler, editors, God’s Economy: Biblical Studies from Latin America

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