Radical Discipleship

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n/aIntroduction to Widening the Circle: Experiments in Christian Discipleship (Article)$0.00
n/aOur God is Undocumented: A Conversation (Audio)$0.00
n/aA People Who Remember (Article)$0.00
n/aForeword to Mark Van Steenwyck, That Holy Anarchist: Reflections on Christianity & Anarchism (Article)$0.00
n/aSeek First the Kingdom: The Life and Death of Ladon Sheats (Article)$0.00
n/aReinhabiting the River of Life (Rev 22:1–2): Rehydration, Redemption, and Watershed Discipleship (Article)$0.00
n/aSabbath Economics interview January 13, 2014 (Product)$0.00
Binding the Strong Man book coverForeword to Binding the Strong Man (Original Edition) (Article)$0.00
Jeff Dietrich and Catherine MorrisRecorded Webinar: “A Lifetime of Hospitality and Resistance: A Visit with Jeff Dietrich of the Los Angeles Catholic Worker.” (Video)$0.00
n/aBaptism’s True Claim: In Memory of Jeanie Wylie Kellermann (Article)$0.00
Recorded Webinar: "Forty Years in the Belly of the Beast: Interview with Elizabeth McAlister of Jonah House." (Video)$0.00
n/aHoming I Keep You: A Tribute to Libby Radcliffe (Article)$0.00
n/aFamily History as Political Therapy (Article)$0.99
n/aForeword to Wes Howard-Brook, Becoming Children of God: John’s Gospel and Radical Discipleship (Article)$0.99
n/aBartimaeus, Thirty Years Later (Article)$0.99
n/aFreedom Bound: A Tale of Two Meals (Passover and Eucharist) (Article)$1.50
n/aJesus as a Practitioner of Nonviolent Action (third of four parts) III. Healing Political Bodies, Challenging the Body Politic (Mk. 1:21-2:12) (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aRepentance as Recovery: What the Church can Learn from the 12 Steps (Article)$1.50
n/aExodus Midrash in the Gospel (Article)$1.50
n/aLearning to Live Within Limits: Affluenza and Sabbath Discipline (Article)$1.50
n/aHope is Where Your Ass Is: Reflections on Three Decades of Faith Activism (Article)$1.50
n/aDecisionism, Denominationalism or Discipleship? Gospel Ministry in the Age of Economic and Ecological Crisis (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aJesus as a Practitioner of Nonviolent Action (second of four parts) II. "Let's Go Catch Some Big Fish": Jesus' Call to Discipleship in a World of Injustice (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMark’s Gospel: Invitation to Discipleship (Article)$2.50
n/aProclaiming Good News in Hard Times: Reflections on Evangelism and the Bible (Article)$2.50
n/aHope is Where Your Ass Is: An Invitation to Radical Discipleship (audio) (Audio)$2.50
n/aJesus as a Re-enactor of the Biblical Prophetic Tradition (audio) (Audio)$2.50
n/aSpeaking Truth to Power: The Prophetic Vocation from Huldah and Baruch to Martin Luther King (audio) (Audio)$2.50
cover of Rowland festschriftFrom Capital to Community: Discipleship as Defection in Jesus' Parable about a 'Manager of Injustice' (Luke 16:1-13) (Article)$2.50
n/aBeyond the "Addict’s Excuse": Public Addiction and Ecclesial Recovery (Article)$3.50
n/a Binding the Strong Man: Front Matter to 20th anniversary edition (Foreword by Obery Hendricks, New Preface by Ched Myers and Introduction by Sam Wells) (Article)$3.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: Dr. Catherine Meeks and Dr. Pamela Brubaker (Video)$9.50
Elaine Enns photoIntroduction to Restorative Justice: Personal and Political Responses to Violence and Violation. (Webinar)$9.50
Recorded Webinar: “All Saints Special: Interview with Laurel Dykstra about "Bury the Dead” (Video)$9.50
Jay and TevynRecorded Webinar: “Sun & Moon, Raven & Dove: A Conversation with Tevyn East and Jay Beck on Art, Politics and Faith.” (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: Kinsler Institute 2016 Live Look-in (Video)$9.50
Sabbath Economics imageWhy Sabbath Economics? (BIO-A03) (Webinar)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Watershed Discipleship: A Paradigm Shift for Contextual Theology and Practice" (Video)$9.50
John HirtRecorded Webinar: "Roots of Radical Discipleship" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar Watershed Discipleship II: Lydia Wylie-Kellerman and Erinn Fahey on the Water Justice Struggle in Detroit (Video)$9.50
Biography as Theology imageBiography as Theology (BIO-A04) (Webinar)$9.50
MLK photoRecorded Webinar: “How Dr. King has Shaped our Lives”: An Interview with Murphy Davis and Eduard Loring (Video)$9.50
Dr LorenzenRecorded Webinar: “Easter Webinar: How Do We See the Risen Christ? An Interview with Theologian Thorwald Lorenzen" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinars: The Witness at Standing Rock - Celebrating the feast of Guadalupe (Video)$9.50
Advent imageRevolutionary Christmas Carols: Luke’s Advent Story. (Webinar)$9.50
CPT logoRecorded Webinar: “Christian Peacemaker Teams: A Conversation on Peace, Justice and Oppression" (Video)$9.50
Elaine EnnsRecorded Webinar "Facing History with Courage: Towards Restorative Solidarity": A Conversation with Dr. Elaine Enns (Video)$9.50
Book cover image“Celebrating Thomas Merton’s Peace Retreat of 1964" (Webinar)$9.50
n/aKinsler Institute Preview: Dr. Catherine Meeks and Dr. Pamela Brubaker (Webinar)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: “Instead of Atonement”: A Holy Week Conversation with Dr. Ted Grimsrud (Video)$9.50