Recorded Webinar “Watershed Discipleship: A Conversation between Ched Myers, Denise Nadeau and Rose Berger"


Denise Nadeau(Recorded March 22, 2016). View this recorded webinar at your convenience.

This webinar celebrated World Water Day with a conversation about various strands of the watershed discipleship vision.  Ched recently edited an anthology entitled “Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice” (Wipf & Stock, to be published later this year).  Denise Nadeau (above right) wrote the Foreword to the volume; joining us from Vancouver Island, she talked about the indigenous “Waterwalking” movement.  Rose Berger (below right) contributed poetry to the volume and is active in watershed literacy and protection work in the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Washington, D.C. Rose shared her poetry and some of the symbolism and meaning behind the beautiful words.

Rose Berger


This webinar launches a five month series of conversations with most of the dozen contributors to this anthology. Participants, representing voices under 40, will examine a range of theological, ecological and practical explorations of watershed discipleship.  Tune in individually or register for the whole class (March-July).  These five webinars will become the BIO-B01 Watershed Discipleship Series, the first of our advanced BIO - Bartimaeus Institute Online courses. The full course will comprise 5 webinars and the anthology “Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice”.


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Price: $9.50