Recorded Webinar: “Heeding the Prophet's Call? The Life and Legacy of Dr. Vincent Harding--and His Challenge to Mennonites (and Other Peace Churches)"

Vincent Harding

(Recorded September 16, 2014). View this recorded webinar at your convenience.

Dr. Harding, who passed this last May, was a towering elder in the faith rooted peace and justice movement.  But few know that he was deeply involved with Mennonites in the 1960s.  Michelle Armster (Mennonite Central Committee) and Joanna Shenk (editor of Widening the Circle, 2011) overviewed Dr. Harding’s remarkable life, explored ways in which he connected with (and challenged) the Anabaptist vision, and explored his prophetic legacy for all people of faith.

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Price: $9.50