In the Courtyard with Peter on the Anniversary of the L.A. Uprising

The Witness, April, 1993.  3 pp.

Enter again the sacred circle of Story. Begin again at the end, as we are ever invited to do.
Peter had followed Jesus at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest (Mk 14:54). Twilight. The fisherman finds himself standing in the palace courtyard of the Holy City, a very long way from home. It is the end of the line for him. Jesus has just been arrested by the Jerusalem authorities. His compañeros have fled for their lives.

Peter is trying to fulfill his vow to follow Jesus “to the end” (14:29). Having managed to slip into the courtyard he mingles in Cobb the dough with armed security guards and expressionless functionaries. He’s just outside the courtroom where Jesus is being arraigned. Near enough to hear Jesus’ screams from the holding cell where he is being tortured during interrogation.

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