I will ask you a question: Interrogatory Theology

In Theology Without Foundations: Religious Practice and the Future of Theological Truth, ed. by Stanley Hauerwas, Nancey Murphy and Mark Nation, Nashville: Abingdon, 1994. 14 pp.

At a crucial juncture in his mission, Mark’s Jesus was confronted by members of the ruling Jerusalem establishment, and who demanded that present his political credentials: By what authority are you doing these things; and who gave you this authority? (Mark 11:28)

“These things” refer to the dramatic challenges Jesus had just made to the scribal status quo: his theatrical, militant march into the capital city followed by his public disruption of commerce in the Temple (11:1-25). As far as the guardians of civic order were concerned, things gone far enough. It was one thing for this Nazarene to have made a name for himself playing the prophet in distant provinces, quite another to have created a protest spectacle in the city of David –  especially during feast days, that tension-ridden season in the nation’s life when all the symbols of liberation, uneasily latent, always threatened to erupt again. It was time to force this country preacher to divulge just what he was up to.

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