Singing for the Wiliwili Tree: Reflections on Hawaiian Sovereignty and Earth Regeneration (interview)

The Witness, April, 1995.  4 pp.

When I reached Kaho’ olawe, I kissed the ground.
Through my work with indigenous people throughout the Pacific, which had focused on their struggles for self-determination and particularly their struggles around issues of land and land rights, I’d developed a fairly keen sense of the pain that U.S. military has caused Pacific islanders – in Micronesia, Tahiti, Melanesia, Hawai’i. So going on an access to  Kaho’ olawe was always something I had wanted to do.

I had a mystical dream about it two years earlier. In the dream, as soon as I set foot on Kaho’ olawe, there was music arising from the land. It was just, got that the land and through my feet and into my mind. The whole universe was singing. It’s very much in my soul.

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