Learning to Live Within Limits: Affluenza and Sabbath Discipline

With Matthew Colwell. Published on Journey into Freedom website. 15 pp.

A recent PBS series introduced a new term into our popular lexicon: “Affluenza.” This “virus” is indeed widespread in North American society, easily contracted in a consumer environment that celebrates excess and attributes magical powers to products. Unfortunately, our churches and synagogues are not immune to this destructive disease. This study looks at how the Judeo-Christian tradition both diagnoses this problem and offers a strategy for “preventative health.”

Affluenza: A Terminal Disease

At the 1994 United Nations International Conference on Population and Development, industrialized countries tended to point a finger at less developed nations for their role in over-population and its ensuing environmental devastation. Third and Fourth World nations were justified, however, in countering that First World over-consumption of natural resources and over-production of industrial pollution were equally if not more to blame for current global economic and ecological crises.

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