All the Words of the Scroll: A Eulogy for Daniel Berrigan

The Catholic Agitator. 6 pp.

Let me begin by putting things plainly. None of us would be gathered here—neither Catholic Workers nor members of the Immaculate Heart of Mary nor any of us other assorted feral Christians—were it not for Dan’s showing and telling of the gospel. The political spaces he opened through his public witness, the theological imagination he ignited with his pen, the language he gave us in a time when lies are sovereign—all these have helped us find just enough courage to embrace something of the Way.

And here you are again with us, Daniel, blowing the dust off sacred scrolls long buried in the cellars of a compromised church, blinking bemusedly at our pretenses of discipleship, refusing to concede an inch to imperial shock and awe. I want to honor you tonight by talking about three aspects of who you are to us, knowing that these words will capture but a few fragments of the kaleidoscopic treasures you have given us over the years.

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