Food Politics in the Practice of Jesus

Priests and People (England). 5 pp.

“He told them to give her something to eat” (Mark 5:43.) This curiously mundane instruction represents the conclusion to Jesus’ most dramatic healing in Mark’s gospel. He has just raised a young girl from the dead, and members of her household are still reeling from astonishment. But Jesus understands that the living need to eat. Eating is the most essential human practice, both habitual and symbolic. Food sustains and enriches our life and cultures, yet when there is too little or too much of it, desperation or greed follow. Food brings people together, but also divides them. Table fellowship (with whom, and how, and what we eat) mirrors the inclusions and exclusions of the wider society. Food is, in short, both basic and profound. This means it deserves anthropological and theological investigation.

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