Same-Sex Marriage: Two Reflections

I. “Same Sex Marriage: A Sacramental Unity” (with Bill Wylie Kellermann, posted on SojoNet) and II. “Splitting the Difference? Same-Sex Marriage as a Justice Issue” unpublished. 13 pp.

In 1963, William Stringfellow—Movement theologian, Sojourners mentor and gay man—had the following to say about mainline churches who were pondering whether to join the struggle for African American civil rights:

The issue here… is not some common spiritual values, nor natural law, nor middle axioms. The issue is baptism. The issue is the unity of all  humanity wrought by God in the life and work of Christ. Baptism is the sacrament of that unity of all human life in God.

We hear these words anew in the present moment in light of the contemporary public debate over same sex marriage.

Events in recent months have highlighted same sex marriage as an issue of full inclusion in both church and society. We receive this as a kind of kairos moment for Christian disciples, particularly those like ourselves who enjoy heterosexual privilege (including the rights of marriage), to act in public solidarity with gays and lesbians, particularly those in the faith, too long shunted to the margin.

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