Freedom Bound: A Tale of Two Meals (Passover and Eucharist)

A sermon delivered at Greenbelt Festival, UK, August. 4, 2004. 4 pp.

To the hardworking organizers of this amazing Greenbelt gathering; to the campers soldiering through the mud; to all the beautiful families, teenagers, and elders; to the artists and musicians and
poets—and all of us who wish we were; to the crews minding the lavatories and the rubbish bins; to the comedians and the clowns and the kids wearing goofy costumes; to the grassroots  entrepreneurs, from the craft-sellers to the activist literature hustlers; to the late night party animals, the Celtic chanters and the Goth liturgists; to the many church workers and agency leaders and their wonderful tent sites; to our various volunteers and hosts from Cheltenham and the local area; to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the bloke at the toasted sandwich shop…to all of you gathered this morning in the faith, from across the ecumenical spectrum—high church, low church and no church—here in this microcosmic village of God’s people in the wilderness:

The Lord be with you!

I bring you greetings from sisters and brothers across the ocean. May the Spirit now open our hearts to the Word in this “wilderness” space. The theme of this Festival is “Freedom Bound,” and the
focus of this worship service is our celebration and re-enactment of two foundational meals. Each meal gave birth to a people…

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