Bartimaeus, Thirty Years Later

Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries E-News. 3 pp.

Being on the road is grueling. And recently it has been the most taxing I can remember: the endless stream of people, the wall to wall scheduling, the intense meetings and late night conversations. Each leg of the journey hurts physically, and I can feel myself wearing down, trying just to get my body from one place to the next. It becomes more difficult each time to muster up the energy to do the work as if I weren’t tired. This accumulated weariness reminds me of why we decided it was time to take next year off the road to write. I’ve hit a physical and emotional wall.

But always, in the midst of the grind, there is something that happens that reminds me why I do this work, some little encounter that brings relief and renewal. And it’s usually unexpected, serendipitous. Spirit intervention.

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