Las Posadas: Hospitality to Those Displaced by the Push and Pull of Empire

A talk given at the “Posadas sin Fronteras” at the U.S. Mexico border, December 2006. 5 pp.

I want to begin by honoring the two brothers we are remembering today. The late Franciscan Brother Ed Dunn was a gentle but strong presence in this movement, always looking for deeper solidarity with the dispossessed. Roberto Martinez, my friend and colleague for many years at the AFSC, tirelessly, courageously and compassionately defended the rights of immigrants at this very border. He was, of course, one of the founders of this Posadas sin Fronteras tradition. I spoke to Roberto a few nights ago—his health has been failing and he isn’t able to join us—and he sent his greetings. So I want to call upon the spirits of these two men to join this wonderful gathering of companeros/as on the journey toward justice, as we reflect together on this year’s theme: “Do not be afraid.”

We are here this afternoon to reenact the ancient pageantry of Posadas, which remembers the story of a poor couple, pregnant with a prophet, who became homeless because of the push and pull of imperial forces. The center of this liturgy is a conversation that takes place through a door: a tense, dramatic exchange between insiders and outsiders. This door represents the ultimate liminal space, the threshold between home and homelessness. In this space we stand today, bearing witness to a story that continues in our time.

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