Books New and Old: “Radical Christian Voices & Practice” and “Resisting the Serpent”

Here’s news of a couple of books to which I have contributed, one brand new, the other more than 20 years old.  
My essay “From Capital to Community: Disciplehip as Defection in Jesus’ Parable about a Manager of Injustice (Luke 16:1-13)” is part of Radical Christian Voices & Practice, an academic festschrift honoring our friend Christopher Rowland, a leading historian and theologian of radical Christian movements based in England.  The book is just out from Oxford University Press (2012) and is very pricey, but my chapter is available on this site for only $2.50.  It explores Luke’s story of the so-called “unfaithful steward” as an exemplary tale of a “middle manager” who realizes he’s caught in a socio-economic system of oppression, and tries to defect to the older relational economy of grace and mutual aid.  This tale speaks strongly to our condition in middle class North American society; my reflection includes brief portraits of four modern economists who in different ways called for a more relational economy.  
Last week was the March 1st commemoration of “Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Day” (for background see this article).  In honor of that movement–to which I devoted significant years of my life–I’ve made available a book I published in 1989 with colleague and mentor Bob Aldridge.  It’s title is Resisting the Serpent: Palau’s Struggle for Self-Determination (Fortkamp Press).  Though the book has been out of print for years, two boxes of unsold copies were recently discovered in a basement of the Des Moines Catholic Worker house!  So we now have copies for sale for only $9 here.  In the book I have several relfections on what we in the west can learn from indigenous peoples struggles, an issue that still grips me deeply.  
Hope you might take a look at these resources!