Catch our March Webinar: “Redemption as Rehydration: The Eschatological Vision of Water in the Bible”!

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”   –Loren Eiseley, -anthropologist, author ofThe Immense Journey

Tonight, March 21st, we’ll be exploring Ecojustice Theology in our 2012 webinar series.  In recognition of World Water Day (March 22), Ched is offering biblical reflections on water as the unique core of God’s creation, and Elaine is looking at what restorative justice means for a degraded river.  We’ll look at the image in Revelation 21 of “the River of the Water of Life” and see how it renews the ancient prophetic vision of historical redemption as  God’s restoration (not destruction) of the natural world.
We’ll have Des Moines artist-theologian Ted Lyddon-Hatten’s responses to the webinar in an ephemeral art piece; participants will see photos of the work .  You can learn about Ted’s amazing work in various media here, here,  here and here. 
If you can’t make tonight’s webinar, Elaine and Ched will be repeating a shorter version of the same webinar tomorrow night:  Thursday, March 22, at 5 pm PDT/8 pm EDT.  This will be through the United Church of Canada’s Edge Webinar series—and they have much nicer webinar software!  If you want to register for the Edge Webinar (cost is $9.95) you can do so here.
These webinars correspond with the publication of Ched’s article “Everything Will Live Where the River Goes” in the latest edition of Sojourners magazine.  You can access this article here (requires registration at   

Several groups around the country are now holding “webinar parties,” inviting friends over for a big screen presentation and making an evening of it.  We encourage you to do the same (for groups over 3 we ask that everyone pitch in to make a donation to BCM)!  Hope you can make one of these two broadcasts.