“Hydrology as Theology,” Ephemeral Art and the Next BCM Webinar

We had a successful fourth webinar last night, with 30+ folk participating, including groups in Portland and Elkhart, IN.  OK, there were several technical difficulties, but the theme of “Hydrology as Theology” was engaging.  
A highlight was artist-theologian Ted Lyddon-Hatten sharing pictures of and comments on the “ephemeral art” installation he created in the creek behind his house this week in response to my’ Sojourners article on water.  (Above is one of the 8 circles of blue sand that followed the creek down, symbolizing the octagonal baptistries.)  I urge you to check out Ted’s amazing artwork here, here,  here and here, and catch him out at the Wild Goose Festival this summer.
Our next monthly webinar will be Tue, Apr 24th (5:45 – 7:15 pm, PDT): “Reflections on Jesus, the City, and the Los Angeles Uprising Twenty Years Later.”  I will look at Luke’s unique “triumphal entry” narrative (Lk 19:28-48), reflect on my recent experience of Palm Sunday in Jerusalem, look back on the largest urban riots in U.S. history (April 29-May 2, 1992), and discuss some issues in urban ministry today.  Hope you can join us as we test out a new and improved webinar platform: register here.
Remember to check out the several new books available on this site, and happy Spring Equinox!