Ted Lyddon-Hatten and Rich Reid: Recent Art and Film Collaborators with BCM

Our artist-theologian friend Ted Lyddon-Hatten will be at the Wild Goose Festival this summer sharing his amazing “ephemeral art” (see my previous blog about our last collaboration).  Above is a “myrhh painting” he did last summer with on our patio table, which we left there for six months!  Check out Ted’s amazing artwork here, here,  here and here;  I urge you to  catch him at the Festival, June 21-24 in Shakori Hills, NC.
Meanwhile we recently received our “Ocean Friendly Gardens” certificate from the local Surfrider Foundation for the way in which our yard models both native landscaping and the philosophy of “slowing, spreading and sinking” surface water.  Even cooler, our neighbor Rich Reid, who is an accomplished National Geographic photographer, did a short documentary about this program, which opens with a time-lapse film of the Golden Poppies in our yard, which you can check out here.  
If you want to help us keep improving our yard project as a demonstration site, come participate in our Bartimaeus Summer Work Institute, July 1-6: details and registration here.