Witnessing to Christian Zionists in Jerusalem: A Politically and Biblically Literate Action by Sabeel

Last Friday, Oct 12th, Christian Palestinian youth activists of Sabeel created an extraordinary public witness in order to counter the annual march of Christian Zionists in Jerusalem.  I had discussed plans for the demonstration with animator Omar Haramy when I saw him in Stockholm last month.  The action was masterfully executed, and I hope you’ll take a moment to click on this link to a photo essay by MCC worker and friend Ryan Beiler about the demonstration.  I think you’ll be edified by this politically astute and profoundly biblically literate action, which stands in the faith-grounded tradition of “public liturgy as protest.”  
(Pictured above: Omar, dressed in a dog costume, distributes a flyer referencing Mark 7:24-30 and a piece of bread to Christian Zionists.  Photo © Ryan Beiler.)