50th Anniversary of the March on Washington: What Will Become of the Dream?

(Recorded Aug 20, 2013).
“What Will Become of the Dream?” In our continuing look at how 1963 was a turning point for the Civil Rights Movement, we reviewed the fascinating hidden history of this famous march, especially the role played by Bayard Rustin (at King’s right in picture).  We were then joined by two special guests:

Rev. Osagyefou Sekou from Boston, long time activist, pastor and theologian, discusses how we can undomesticate King’s most famous moment and soundbytes; and
Tobias Pinkney, professor of Law at Medgar Evers University in Brooklyn, NY, responds.

This webinar is available as part of the Bartimaeus Institute Online available for purchase: BIO – Bartimaeus Institute Online: BIO-A04 Biography as Theology

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