Recorded Webinar “Facing History with Courage: Towards Restorative Solidarity”: A Conversation with Dr. Elaine Enns

(Recorded May 12, 2015).  View this recorded webinar at your convenience.
BCM’s Elaine Enns talked about her recent doctoral studies concerning historical response-ability, intergenerational trauma and building solidarity with indigenous communities.  Elaine was also joined by three of her five person ministry team who supported her during her studies: Eileen Klassen Hamm, Heather Peters and Leonard Doell. This Webinar was broadcast along with a live audience from Mennonite Central Committee offices in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

This webinar is available as part of the Bartimaeus Institute Online available for purchase: BIO – Bartimaeus Institute Online: BIO-A02 Restorative Justice

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