Recorded Webinar: Watershed Discipleship III: Jonathan McRay and Dave Pritchett

(Recorded May 17, 2016). View this recorded webinar at your convenience.
The third webinar in our five month BIO Watershed Discipleship series of conversations with contributors to the “Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith and Practice” anthology (Wipf & Stock, to be published later this year).
Ched gave a brief reflection on Pentecost and the life and work of Daniel Berrigan. We then heard from Jonathan McRay and Dave Pritchett who are both permaculturists and social justice activists, Jon in Harrisonburg, VA and Dave in Portland, OR.  McRay discussed his essay entitled “The Transfigured Earth: Bioregionalism and the Kingdom of God’; Pritchett talked about “Watershed Discipleship in Babylon: Resisting the Urban Grid.”
This series examines a range of theological, ecological and practical explorations of watershed discipleship.  The five webinars in the Watershed Discipleship Series are available for purchase as the Bartimaeus Institute Online BIO-B01 Watershed Discipleship Series, the first of our advanced BIO – Bartimaeus Institute Online courses.

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