An Introduction to Mark’s Gospel: Ched Myers

Please note – this teaching series is available for US$20.00 from Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries – email us to purchase.

In this package of five webinar presentations (each between 60 and 80 minutes), Ched Myers looks at key “core samples” from Mark’s gospel, and relates each to contemporary discipleship issues:

  1. Context & Text: Mark’s Socio-Economic Setting (Mk 1)
  2. Political Body/Body Politic: Jesus as Healer (Mk 2)
  3. The Wilderness Feedings, Sabbath Economics & Eucharist (Mk 6)
  4. Conflicting Responses to the Discipleship Call (Mk 10)
  5. What is the End of the World? The Politics of Apocalyptic Discourse (Mk 13-14)

Ideal as a primer for preaching, teaching or studying Mark during the Year B lectionary cycle. Recorded from video-conference lectures given to a class at Saskatoon Theological Union, January 8 to 12, 2018.
Note: A PDF with instructions and links to the recorded webinars will be emailed to you once payment is received (PayPal/credit cards available).
(Image above: Rembrandt, Christ Comforted by the Angel, Wikimedia Commons)

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