Nature Against Empire: Exodus Plagues, Climate Crisis and Hard Heartedness

Direction V49 no.1 (2020)

The realities of climate chaos hit me personally and hard in December 2017 with the Thomas Fire. California’s largest wildfire to that date, scorching 80 percent of our Ventura River watershed, it was an apocalyptic unveiling, the kind shared by survivors of hurricanes the same year in Houston (Harvey) and Puerto Rico (Maria).


Nature does rebel against imperial presumption to rule over it – sometimes slowly, sometimes dramatically, but always inevitably.


As a fifth generation Californian, I understand that wildfires are a part of the natural ecology of my bioregion. But the unprecedented conditions of aridity and drought…

Full Article: Nature Against Empire (link) SKU: 20-1-F


This article is also available in German, thanks to a translation by BCM friend Benjamin Isaak-Krauß

Full Article: Rebellion der Natur gegen das Imperium SKU: 20-1-FD

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