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This is the product page for one household (individual or two people) to undertake BIO-A01 Radical Discipleship class.

This class introduces the idea of Radical Discipleship and explains its origins and how Discipleship presents an alternative to other approaches to faith. The class content:

  • Explains the meaning of radical and argues that discipleship presents a critical, constructive and practical alternative to the prevailing paradigms of faith in the First World context.
  • Presents several Bible studies that probe the roots of the discipleship tradition in the New Testament.
  • Overviews some key practices of contemporary Radical Discipleship communities.

Week 1: Introduction to Radical Discipleship

Week 2: Key Biblical Concepts Undergirding Radical Discipleship

Week 3: Toward “Kingian” Faith and Practice

Week 4: Reflections on and by Contemporary Radical Disciples

Upon purchase you will be sent a pdf document (v2.1) with links to recorded webinars, audio files, pdf articles and online articles. There will also be one audio file (mp3) attached to the email. This is additional content for Week 2.


Please note: If you have already purchased the Webinar "Introduction to Radical Discipleship" or are an annual webinar subscriber, please contact us at BCM and you will be able to purchase the full BIO-AO1 Radical Discipleship course at a reduced price.


List Price: $39.50
Price: $39.50