BIO-A02 Restorative Justice

BIO Logo(V2.0) This class:

Explains principles and theory of Restorative Justice and explores their application to various situations of personal and political violation;

  • Highlights the testimony and witness of diverse contemporary practitioners;
  • Explores analytical models that challenge us to do our own work around power and privilege;
  • Investigates how to address situations of historic violation and intergenerational trauma.

Each of the four weekly modules requires 2-3 hours of viewing/listening/reading time, not including discussion. The class is broken into 4 'weeks' of content, but you can undertake it at your own pace:

Week 1: Introduction to Restorative Justice

Week 2: Key Models in Restorative Justice

Week 3: Diverse Practices of Restorative Justice

Week 4: Reflections on and by Contemporary Radical Disciples


Please select the product based on how many people will be undertaking the study:

BIO-A02 Household* (1 or 2 people): $39.50 - PURCHASE

BIO-A02 Small group (3 to 5 people): $99.50 - PURCHASE

BIO-A02 Large group (6 or more people): $150.00 - PURCHASE

*If you have already purchased the Webinar "Introduction to Restorative Justice: Personal and Political Responses to Violence and Violation." or are an annual webinar subscriber, please contact us at BCM and you will be able to purchase the full BIO-AO2 course at a reduced price.