BIO-A02 Restorative Justice - Small Group price (3-5 people)


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This is the product page for small groups (three to five people) to undertake BIO-A02 Restorative Justice class.


This class:

  • Explains principles and theory of Restorative Justice and explores their application to various situations of personal and political violation;
  • Highlights the testimony and witness of diverse contemporary practitioners;
  • Explores analytical models that challenge us to do our own work around power and privilege;
  • Investigates how to address situations of historic violation and intergenerational trauma.

Each of the four weekly modules requires 2-3 hours of viewing/listening/reading time, not including discussion.

Week 1: Introduction to Restorative Justice

Week 2: Key Models in Restorative Justice

Week 3: Diverse Practices of Restorative Justice

Week 4: Reflections on and by Contemporary Radical Disciples

Upon purchase you will be sent a pdf document (v2.0) with links to recorded webinars, audio files, pdf articles and online articles. There will also be one audio file (mp3) attached to the email which is part of the content for Week 1.

List Price: $118.50
Price: $99.50