BIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Small Group price (3-5 people)


This is the product page for small groups (three to five people) to undertake BIO-A03 Sabbath Economics class.

This class:

  • Outlines both the ecological and social rationale for why economics should be a matter of faith and practice for Christians, and a theological framework and hermeneutic approach that “reads the Bible economically in order to read the economy biblically.”
  • Explains the meaning of Sabbath Economics; explores the roots of this vision in the Hebrew Bible’s primal narratives of Creation, Exodus and Manna; and presents several studies that trace the footprints of Sabbath Economics through both Testaments.
  • Looks at key aspects of our dominant economic cosmology, and of alternatives that privilege community before capital.
  • Overviews the Sabbath Economics Household Covenant of key practices for contemporary lifestyle, with an emphasis on how we earn, bank, invest and give our money.

Each of the four weekly modules requires 2-3 hours of viewing/listening/reading time, not including discussion. The class is broken into 4 'weeks' of content, but you can undertake it at your own pace:

Week 1: Introduction to Sabbath Economics

Week 2: Biblical "Core Samples"

Week 3: The Alternative Economic Cosmology of the Gospel

Week 4: Household Practices of Sabbath Economics

Upon purchase you will be sent a pdf document (v2.0) with links to recorded webinars, audio files, pdf articles and online articles. Purchase of BIO-A03 also includes three resources that will be mailed to you ($25 retail value each set): The Biblical Vision of Sabbath EconomicsSabbath Economics: Household Practices and From Mammon to Manna: Sabbath Economics and Community Investing, a six-part DVD series (one DVD).

The Small Group price includes three sets of these resources. Additional sets can be purchased at cost ($15 each) - please contact us.

List Price: $148.50
Price: $119.50