BIO-A04 Biography as Theology

(V3.0) This class:Dr. James W. McClendon image

  • Outlines a framework for exploring embodied narratives as theological “texts,” drawing on the pioneering work of Ched’s mentor, Dr. James W. McClendon (1924–2000; at right just before his death);
  • Explores why it is important for radical Christians to rehabilitate a literacy in and consciousness of “saints,” both traditional and non-traditional, and advocates for a robust celebration of the “Triduum of Saints” as part of our annual rhythm;
  • Profiles a variety of exemplary disciples, both past and present, with a focus on radical Catholic circles and the Civil Rights movement, and discusses why their work and witness matters still;
  • Offers a few pointers regarding how to become more literate in our own life-narrative.

Each of the four modules requires 2-3 hours of viewing/listening/reading time, not including discussion. Some weeks we have additional content for those with time to go deeper. The class is broken into 4 'weeks' of content, but you can undertake it at your own pace:

Week 1:  Introduction to Biography as Theology and the Communion of Saints

Week 2:  Stories from Radical Catholic Movements over the Last Half Century

An included copy of Pioneer Priest: The Story of Mary Ramerman & Spiritus Christi Church by Jim Callan will be mailed to you.

Week 3:  Stories of the Civil Rights Movement/Black Freedom Struggle

Week 4:  Working with Our Own Stories


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