The Way the Book Invites: Daniel Berrigan as Biblical Interpreter

Monday, 1 January 1996

In Apostle of Peace: Essays in Honor of Daniel Berrigan, Orbis Books, 1996.  4 pp.

I wish to reflect on Daniel Berrigan’s contribution to my understanding of how to reach and teach and live the Bible. If my appreciation seems like a eulogy, it is because I believe that good words about those we love are better spoken before they move on. And I am one of the many who love Dan and owe him a great deal.

I first encountered Dan’s writing in 1976, which makes me a latecomer relative to most contributors in this volume. I was at that time a relatively new Christian who was just beginning to be radicalized by the insights of Clarence Jordan, Sojourners, and the Catholic Worker movement. Initially, I knew little about Berrigan’s notoriety - Catonsville, Harrisburg, the underground. Instead, it was the power and vitality of his biblical reflections that attracted me.

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by Ched Myers

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