“Surely this is the gate of heaven!!” The Bible and Earth Spirituality

Saturday, 1 April 2006

Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries E-News. 7 pp.

I didn’t grow up in the church. When I came to faith at age 18 I had no experience with the Bible, and I remember my first connection with it. I was reading about Jesus’ feeding with the loaves and fishes, and was excited by the fact that what was left over was gathered up. I was passionately concerned for the environment, and thought we should all “re-use and recycle.” And this passage seemed to affirm that idea, to my delight.

“I guess this means that Christians are environmentalists!" I suggested naively to a friend from a fundamentalist church. He dismissed my take as innocent but wrongheaded, and proceeded to correct me with the properly spiritual meaning of the gospel passage. I was unpersuaded, feeling intuitively that surely scripture must articulate a concern for the environment--though I subsequently experienced most churches to be either hostile or ambivalent on such matters.

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by Ched Myers

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