From "Creation Care to "Watershed Discipleship": Re-Placing Ecological Theology and Practice

Friday, 12 December 2014

Published in the Conrad Grebel Review, Vol. 32, NO. 3 Fall 2014, pp 250-275.

26 pages.

In this article Ched explores how our theology might be re-placed in light of the arrival of glocbal ecological crisis:

Thomas Meton's dictum, uttered under the shadow of an earlier, equally foreboding apocalyptic moment (the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis), offers an evangelical challenge to churches in this hour. "Christian hope," he wrote, "begins where every other hope stands frozen stiff before the face of the Unspeakable." Whether Merton is right depends upon Christians choosing between discipleship and denial. Our faith and practice from now on will unfold either in light of or in spite of the ecological crisis. This paper explores the former trajectory, hoping to dissuade co-religionists from perpetuating the latter one.

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by Ched Myers

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