Welcome to those who heard Ched on the "RobCast," May 2017


 Thanks for listening to the conversation between Ched Myers and Rob Bell (taped on May 3)--and for visiting our website!
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If you are new to our work, below is a summary of what Ched, Elaine Enns (a practitioner and trainer in restorative justice, historical trauma and conflict transformation) and Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries (BCM) are up to, and some of what you’ll find on this site.

Who are we?  BCM is a group of Christian believers committed to revisioning the relationship between the Word and our world, in order to help animate and build capacity for North American communities of discipleship and justice.  The work of our small, ecumenical, nonprofit “community supported ministry" includes education, communication, organizing, advocacy, publishing and mentoring at the intersection between seminary, sanctuary, streets and soil. Read BCM's full mission statement here.  

Want to read or hear more?  You might begin with Ched's brief reflection on the feral strand of "radical discipleship" in the history of our faith tradition. Here are links to the most recent issues of BCM's monthly En​ews in which the lead articles by Ched speak to some of the themes he touched on in the Robcast:

In the spirit of the season, here's a link to Ched's classic piece, "Easter Faith and Empire: Recovering the Prophetic Tradition on the Emmaus Road." And here are a couple of recent podcasts that offer more of a glimpse: get a taste of our last Institute by listening to Ched, Elaine and Joanna Shenk describe the context of Martin Luther King’s famous Riverside Sermon; or hear Ched talk about Watershed Discipleship.

Here’s how you can learn about BCM's work:


  • Publications & talks: On this site you’ll find most of our publications over the last 25 years for free download or purchase, including books & articles and video & audio.  You can search by themes using the categories at lower right.  
  • Webinars:  We offer 90 minute programs quarterly, which focus on the intersection of scripture and social justice and/or interview pioneers in faith-rooted movements for justice.  Most recently we interviewed Sue Park and Hyun Hur of ReconciliAsian, reflecting on the 50th anniversary of King’s “Beyond Vietnam” speech and the 25th anniversary of the Los Angeles uprising; next month we'll interview theopoetic artist Ted Lyddon Hatten.   Find recordings of more than 50 past webinars on a wide range of personal and political topics and scriptural texts here.
  • The Kinsler Bartimaeus Institute:  This annual five day intensive residential “school for prophets” builds kindred community; trains in scripture, social analysis and movement history; and nurtures our discipleship journeys.  Our next Institute will be February 19 to 23, 2018. We occasionally also partner to run conferences in other cities (most recently in Minneapolis, Saskatoon, and Los Angeles).
  • Online study:  Join one of our Bartimaeus Institute Online courses, either individually or as part of a cohort.  Go deeper on topics such as Sabbath Economics, Restorative Justice or biblical literacy.
  • Invite Elaine and/or Ched to give a videoconference or in-person talk, workshop or a women's retreat.  BCM staff accept a limited schedule of speaking engagements; see more here.  And with collaborators all over North America, we can probably recommend colleagues in your area who can offer support and kinship!
  • Visit us: In addition to our Institute and other events (such as weekly Farm Church with our friends at The Abundant Table), we also host a limited number of internships and study fellowships at Casa Anna Schulz, our quarter acre sustainability-demonstration homestead located in the Ventura River Watershed (2 hours’ drive north of Los Angeles). 
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If you have any questions or want more specific information, email us at inquiries@bcm-net.org.  Thanks for taking the time to check us out.