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n/aI will ask you a question: Interrogatory Theology (Article)$1.50
n/aIf a Bible Story Could Stop a Culture War: A Reflection on John 8, Proposition 8, and the Politics of Affirmation (Article)$1.50
n/aInterview: Our God is Undocumented - June 2016 (audio) (Audio)$0.00
Elaine Enns photoIntroduction to Restorative Justice: Personal and Political Responses to Violence and Violation. (Webinar)$9.50
n/aIs the Spoil of the Poor in Our House? Isaiah 3 and Community Investing (Article)$1.50
n/aIt is An Issue of Equality: Biblical Reflections on Wealth and Poverty (Article)$0.00
n/aIt’s the End of the World as We Know It... Resistance and Discipleship: Reflections on Exodus 1-2 and Mark 14 (Article)$0.00
n/aJesus and the Prophetic Vision of Shalom (Article)$1.50
n/aJesus as a Practitioner of Nonviolent Action (first of four parts) I. Martin Luther King and Jesus: Peacemaking Begins by Disturbing the Peace (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aJesus as a Re-enactor of the Biblical Prophetic Tradition (audio) (Audio)$2.50
n/aJesus as Nonviolent Activist (audio) (Audio)$0.00
n/aLand Sunday (Article)$2.50
n/aLed by the Spirit into the Wilderness: Reflections on Lent, Jesus’ Temptations & Indigeneity (Article)$2.50
Liberating Biblical Study cover art by Charlotte MyersLiberating Biblical Study; Scholarship, Art and Action in Honor of the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice (Book)$25.00
n/aListening to the Cedars: The Prophets as Defenders of Creation (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? I. An Introduction to Sabbath Economics (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? II. Torah and the Prophets (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? III. Jesus and Sabbath Economics (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? IV. Paul and Sabbath Economics (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? V. A Biblical Call to Community Investing (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMark 13 in a Different Imperial Context (Article)$2.50
n/aMark’s Gospel: Invitation to Discipleship (Article)$2.50
n/aMixed Blessing: A Biblical Inquiry into a Patriotic Cant (Article)$0.00
n/aNeither Authoritarian nor Diffident: Conversing about Biblical Differences (Article)$2.50
n/aNothing From Outside Can Defile You: Mark 7 and Immigrant Rights (Article)$1.50
Our God is Undocumented coverOur God is Undocumented: Biblical Faith and Immigrant Justice (Book)$24.00
n/aOur God is Undocumented: Biblical Reflections on the Sanctuary Movement (Article)$0.00
n/aPay Attention to the Great Economy: Reflections on Luke 12:13-34, Earth Cosmology and Sabbath Economics (Article)$0.00
n/aPentecost, Part I: Cultural Insurgency and Gospel Liberation: Reflections on Jazz, Pentecostal Faith, and the Church (Article)$2.50
n/aPentecost, Part II: Reflections on Socio-economic Redistribution and “Half-heartedness” (Article)$1.50
n/aProclaiming Good News in Hard Times: Reflections on Evangelism and the Bible (Article)$2.50
n/aReading Ephesians 2-3 through the Lens of King's Letter from Birmingham City Jail (audio) (Audio)$2.50
Elaine EnnsRecorded Webinar "Facing History with Courage: Towards Restorative Solidarity": A Conversation with Dr. Elaine Enns (Video)$9.50
Recorded Webinar - Revolutionary Christmas Carols: Luke’s Advent Story. (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Capital or Community? Jesus’ Parable of the ‘De-fective’ Manager (Luke 16)" (Video)$9.50
Babel and PentecostRecorded Webinar: "From Babel to Pentecost: Insurgent Cultural Diversity vs. Imperial Conformity." (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Jesus’ March on Jerusalem in Political and Economic Context (Luke 19)" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Luke and Sabbath Economics: A Live Peek into the Bartimaeus Institute" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "MLK on the Emmaus Road: Recovering the Prophetic Tradition (Lk 24)" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Preparation for Lent: Jesus’ Wilderness Temptations as ‘Vision Quest’ " (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "The Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice: Ched Interviews Norman Gottwald." (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Watershed Discipleship: A Paradigm Shift for Contextual Theology and Practice" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: Introduction to Restorative Justice: Personal and Political Responses to Violence and Violation. (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: Kinsler Institute 2016 Live Look-in (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: What Do We Mean by ‘Radical Discipleship’? Anatomy of a Movement. (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: Why Sabbath Economics? (BIO-A03) (Video)$9.50
Dr LorenzenRecorded Webinar: “Easter Webinar: How Do We See the Risen Christ? An Interview with Theologian Thorwald Lorenzen" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: “Elijah and the Wilderness Prophetic Tradition.” (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: “Farming, Permaculture and Theology: Sylvia Keesmaat and Chris Grataski." (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: “Instead of Atonement”: A Holy Week Conversation with Dr. Ted Grimsrud (Video)$9.50