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Articles that deal with biblical interpretation.

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What is Polyculture imageRecorded Webinar: “Polycultural Exodus from Imperial Monoculture: Pentecost as Social and Ecological Revolution." (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: “Women Protecting Life in the Face of the Beast: Biblical Nativity Stories and Our Lady of Guadalupe” (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinars: The Rich Man and Lazarus: Warning Tale and Interpretive Key to Luke (Video)$9.50
n/aReinhabiting the River of Life (Rev 22:1–2): Rehydration, Redemption, and Watershed Discipleship (Article)$0.00
n/aRepentance as Recovery: What the Church can Learn from the 12 Steps (Article)$1.50
Advent imageRevolutionary Christmas Carols: Luke’s Advent Story. (Webinar)$9.50
n/aSabbath Economics 15th Anniversary Bundle: Huge savings on the Household Practices booklet and the Mammon to Manna DVD (Book)$5.00
n/aSabbath Economics interview January 13, 2014 (Product)$0.00
n/aSame-Sex Marriage: Two Reflections (Article)$2.50
Say to This Mountain: Mark’s Story of Discipleship (Book)$24.00
n/aSea Changes Pts I&II (Article)$2.50
n/aSociopolitical Criticism: An Overview (Article)$1.50
n/aSpeaking Truth to Power: The Prophetic Vocation from Huldah and Baruch to Martin Luther King (audio) (Audio)$2.50
n/aSpoils of the Poor: Isaiah 3 (Article)$0.00
n/aStories to Live By: Reading the Bible in the New Millennium (Article)$0.00
n/aTearing Down the Walls of Our Own House: Theological Reflections on Racism (Article)$1.50
n/aThe Ark of Accompaniment: The Biblical Suspicion of Imperial Architecture, Part Two (Article)$0.99
n/aThe Blood of the Martyrs: Tom Fox’s Nonviolent Witness (Article)$0.99
n/aThe Cedar Has Fallen! The Prophetic Word vs. Imperial Clear-Cutting (Article)$0.00
n/aThe Fall and Anarcho-Primitivism and the Bible (Article)$0.00
n/aThe Fall of Adam and the Rise of Civilization: Brief Notes on Genesis 1-11 (Article)$1.50
n/aThe First Temptation: Israel, Jesus and Sabbath Economics (Article)$1.50
n/aThe Gospel of the Cross Confronts the Powers: Mark’s Passion Narrative (Article)$1.50
n/aThe Ideology and Social Strategy of Mark’s Gospel (Article)$2.50
n/aThe Way the Book Invites: Daniel Berrigan as Biblical Interpreter (Article)$0.00
n/aTo the Other Side: Biblical Sea Stories and Baptism (Article)$0.99
n/aTowering Trees and "Talented Slaves" (Article)$1.50
n/aTransfiguration and Disfiguration: Remembering August 6-9 and Ladon Sheats (Article)$0.00
n/aUnleashing the Vulnerable Word: Reflections on Ched Myers as a Provocateur for a Healing Church (Article)$0.00
n/aWas Jesus a Practitioner of Nonviolence? Reading Mark 1:21-3:19 through Martin Luther King (Article)$0.00
Watershed Discipleship IV: Sasha Adkins and Matthew Humphrey (Webinar)$9.50
Who Will Roll Away the Stone? Discipleship Queries for First World Christians (Book)$35.00
n/aWomen Clothed with the Sun: Sophia Facing the Beast (Article)$2.50
n/aWomen in Mark’s Passion Narrative (Article)$0.99
“Easter Webinar: How Do We See the Risen Christ? An Interview with Theologian Thorwald Lorenzen" (Webinar)$9.50
What is Polyculture image“Polycultural Exodus from Imperial Monoculture: Pentecost as Social and Ecological Revolution." (Webinar)$9.50
n/a“Surely this is the gate of heaven!!” The Bible and Earth Spirituality (Article)$1.50