Sabbath Economics

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n/aForeword to Ross and Gloria Kinsler's The Biblical Jubilee and the Struggle for Life (Article)$0.00
n/aBehold, the Treasure of the Church: A Bible Study on the Churches and Welfare Reform (Article)$0.00
n/aRe-engaging Religious Teaching on Consumption: Ched Myers and Sabbath Economics (Article)$0.00
n/aSpoils of the Poor: Isaiah 3 (Article)$0.00
n/aIt is An Issue of Equality: Biblical Reflections on Wealth and Poverty (Article)$0.00
n/aThe Gift Must Always Move: An Interview with Ched Myers on Sabbath Economics (Article)$0.00
n/aSabbath Economics interview January 13, 2014 (Product)$0.00
n/aPay Attention to the Great Economy: Reflections on Luke 12:13-34, Earth Cosmology and Sabbath Economics (Article)$0.00
n/aForeword to Ross and Gloria Kinsler, editors, God’s Economy: Biblical Studies from Latin America (Article)$0.00
n/aMammon or Manna? IV. Paul and Sabbath Economics (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aThe First Temptation: Israel, Jesus and Sabbath Economics (Article)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? V. A Biblical Call to Community Investing (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aIs the Spoil of the Poor in Our House? Isaiah 3 and Community Investing (Article)$1.50
n/aDecisionism, Denominationalism or Discipleship? Gospel Ministry in the Age of Economic and Ecological Crisis (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aRepentance as Recovery: What the Church can Learn from the 12 Steps (Article)$1.50
n/aJesus as a Practitioner of Nonviolent Action (last of four parts) IV. Unmasking Social Injustice, Embodying Sabbath Economics (Mk. 2:13-3:6) (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aPentecost, Part II: Reflections on Socio-economic Redistribution and “Half-heartedness” (Article)$1.50
n/aLearning to Live Within Limits: Affluenza and Sabbath Discipline (Article)$1.50
n/aA Transforming Circle of Story: Recovering Economic Justice in Luke’s "Wilderness Feeding" (Article)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? I. An Introduction to Sabbath Economics (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? II. Torah and the Prophets (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aFood Politics in the Practice of Jesus (Article)$1.50
n/aMammon or Manna? III. Jesus and Sabbath Economics (audio) (Audio)$1.50
n/aChristmas and Consumerism: Four Biblical Reflections and Practical Responses (Article)$2.50
cover of Rowland festschriftFrom Capital to Community: Discipleship as Defection in Jesus' Parable about a 'Manager of Injustice' (Luke 16:1-13) (Article)$2.50
n/aSea Changes Pts I&II (Article)$2.50
n/aBeyond the "Addict’s Excuse": Public Addiction and Ecclesial Recovery (Article)$3.50
n/aSabbath Economics 15th Anniversary Bundle: Huge savings on the Household Practices booklet and the Mammon to Manna DVD (Book)$5.00
n/aRecorded Webinar: What Do We Mean by ‘Radical Discipleship’? Anatomy of a Movement. (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Luke and Sabbath Economics: A Live Peek into the Bartimaeus Institute" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: Why Sabbath Economics? (BIO-A03) (Video)$9.50
Sabbath Economics imageWhy Sabbath Economics? (BIO-A03) (Webinar)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinar: "Capital or Community? Jesus’ Parable of the ‘De-fective’ Manager (Luke 16)" (Video)$9.50
n/aRecorded Webinars: The Rich Man and Lazarus: Warning Tale and Interpretive Key to Luke (Video)$9.50
Mammon to Manna: Sabbath Economics and Community Investing DVD (Dvd)$12.00
Liberating Biblical Study cover art by Charlotte MyersLiberating Biblical Study; Scholarship, Art and Action in Honor of the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice (Book)$25.00
n/aBIO-A01 Radical Discipleship - Household (1-2 person) price (Product)$39.50
n/aBIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Household (1-2 person) price (Product)$49.50
n/aBIO-A01 Radical Discipleship - Small Group price (3-5 people) (Product)$99.50
n/aBIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Small Group price (3-5 people) (Product)$119.50
n/aBIO-A01 Radical Discipleship - Large Group price (6 or more people) (Product)$150.00
n/aBIO-A03 Sabbath Economics - Large Group price (6 or more people) (Product)$195.00