Ched Myers' and Elaine Enns' Speaking Schedule, May-July, 2017

Note:  If you are interested in inviting Elaine and/or Ched to work with your church, organization or community, or better yet to do a videoconference, email us.   We encourage you to tune into our regular webinars.  Here is their upcoming schedule:

  • May 27-29:  Elaine leads weekend workshop on Historical Response-ability at St. Isidore Catholic Worker, Cuba City, WI.
  • June 1-3:  Ched gives keynotes at the Forum for Theological Exploration Christian Leadership Forum, Atlanta.
  • June 28 (Winnipeg, MB); June 29 (Minneapolis, MN)  and July 1 (Elkhart, IN): Elaine joins Ted and Co in "Discovery: A Comic Lament."   
  • July 17-21: Ched & Elaine serve as faculty for the Proctor Institute, Clinton, TN. 
  • Aug 4: Ched will be at the Los Angeles Catholic Worker; 3 pm.