Free Archived Webinars

A number of our early webinars are available free on YouTube. You access them by following the links by clicking on the titles:

Ephesians: Manifesto of Christian Peacemaking (Jul 2012)

In line with the Revised Common Lectionary starting in July 2012 on Ephesians, Ched offered and overview of the book and its context, concentrating on the texts that come up in the lectionary. This included the epistle’s opening assertion of the divine will as reconciliation; the abolition of enmity through Christ’s work on the cross; and the gospel of nonviolent resistance to the Powers.

Transfiguration and Disfiguration: The Witness of Ladon Sheats (Aug 2012)

Thirty years ago Ched visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki; ten years ago peace activist Ladon Sheats passed away. We discussed the intimate connections between these commemorations. Peacemaking colleagues of Ladon’s from around the country told stories of his remarkable life and legacy, including Dennis Apel and Tensie Hernandez, who hosted the amazing community hospice effort with Ladon in 2002, and Liz McAlister of Jonah House.