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Sabbath Economics Update

Sabbath economic cover

First published in 2002, we have just completed a refresh of the Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics booklet.  It is currently available for just US$5.00, in PDF and eBook versions (EPUB and Kindle available). To purchase, please email BCM (group discounts apply). Other Sabbath Economics resources are available here or by searching the tag Sabbath Economics on this site.


Now Available

Elaine Enns’ and Ched Myers’ latest book, Healing Haunted Histories: A Settler Discipleship of Decolonization, is now available for from Wipf & Stock in the US and CommonWord in Canada.


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You can learn about BCM, listen to our podcast “the Bartcast“, purchase books written by Ched and/or Elaine, access other free material and learn about the broader work of Ched, Elaine and BCM on our main site: Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries. ​ Selected videos are available for free on the BCM YouTube channel.


Ched Myers, an ecumenical activist theologian, is a popular educator, writer, teacher and organizer, committed to animating and nurturing church renewal and radical discipleship, and supporting faith-based movements for peace and justice. Learn more about Ched’s Life and Activism or see Ched Myers Bibliography

Elaine Enns (DMin), a Canadian Mennonite, is an educator, writer, facilitator and trainer in conflict transformation. She focuses on how restorative justice applies to historical violations, including issues of intergenerational trauma and healing. Learn more about Elaine’s Life and Activism or see Elaine Enns’ Bibliography.

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