Zacchaeus: Discipleship as Reparation

by Ched Myers
(BCM ENews, October, 2022)

Luke’s middle part (roughly chapters 9-19) is called by scholars the “Special Section” because it mostly consists of uniquely Lukan material. The backbone of this sequence’s architecture is a remarkable series of stories about rich men.  They articulate a searing critique of “Affluenza,” but culminate in the surprising tale of Zaccheaus—a rich man who is healed through the practice of reparation. This gospel text for the 21st Sunday after Pentecost is proximate this year to All Hallow’s Eve—appropriately scary for those of us who live with class and economic privileges.

A new study from Ched Myers

Read the full study: Zaccheaus Discipleship as Reparation SKU 22-1-F

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