Ched and Elaine’s Speaking Schedule, 2021

The following programs are/were all online.  Note:  When things open up from the pandemic, if you are interested in inviting Elaine and/or Ched to speak in person or videoconference with your church, organization or community, please email us.

Upcoming speaking engagements Summer/Fall 2021:

Aug 27 Green Sabbath Project
Topic: Green Sabbath Gathering conversation with Devorah Brous and Ched Myers.
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Recorded/Published Past Presentations, 2021:

Jul 20-22 Children’s Defense Fund, Proctor Institute
Topic: Elaine & Ched on Working as White Allies
Recordings: coming soon

Jul 15 CLBSJ / Sweetwater Cultural Center
Topic: Elaine & Ched on Healing Haunted Histories
Recording: coming soon

Jun 24  Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake
Topic: Ched offers reflections on Watershed Discipleship
Recording: coming soon

Jun 16   ReJUNEvation, St. Andrew’s College Saskatoon
Topic: Elaine & Ched on Healing Haunted Histories

Jun 6   Westwood Presbyterian Church, L.A
Topic: Ecojustice and Decolonization, Elaine & Ched, 2-3:30 pm PDT
Video: 1hr Watch Here

Jun 1   Red Letter Christians Prayer meeting
Topic: Creation Care and Decolonization
Elaine & Ched with Shane Claiborne & Jonathan Wilson Hartgrove, 8-9:30 am PDT,
Video: 47m Watch Here

May 26   Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery panel program
Topic: Stories of Repair!Elaine & Ched, Erica Littlewolf and John Stoetz, 5-6 pm PDT
Video: Watch Here

May 24   Render Unto Caesar podcast
Topic: Elaine & Ched on HHH
Podcast: Part A is available Here | Part B is available Here

Apr 29   Mennonite Central Committee Saskatchewan
Topic: Elaine & Ched on HHH
Video: Watch Here

Apr 20   Beyond Boundaries Podcast with Justin Douglas
Topic: Healing Haunted Histories w/ Elaine Enns and Ched Myers
Podcast 1h 8m: Here

Apr 11   Manhattan Mennonite Fellowship worship service
Topic: Ched preached on the Emmaus Rd story,
Video: Watch Here

Apr 8     Mennonite Church USA webinar 
Topic: Elaine & Ched on Healing Haunted Histories,
Video: Watch Here

Apr 6     Nomad Podcast
Ecological, political & theological reflections on Ventura River
Podcast 38 min: Listen Here.

Mar 28  Jesus Collective worship service with Pastor David Moore
Topic: Ched preached on Palm Sunday
Video 25 min: View on YouTube

Mar 16 Sophia Society Podcast “Holy Heretics” 
Topic: Ched interviewed about radical discipleship and evangelical social justice,
Audio 1 hr: Listen Here.

Mar 8    Mennonite Church Canada Indigenous-Settler Relations
Topic: Interview w/ Elaine & Ched on Healing Haunted Histories
Article: Read Here

Feb 17 Creation Justice Ministries
Topic: Ched’s mini sermon on Exodus, “Preaching Our Way to Climate Resilience”
Video 1 hr: View on Facebook (Ched starts around 47:20)

Feb 12-15 Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute
Topic: Indigenous Solidarity & Communities of Color
Watch for upcoming episodes of the Bartcast

Jan 21 Festival Center School for Liberation
Topic: Ched on Healing Haunted Histories, Haunting and Reparations
Video 90 min: View on YouTube

Jan 15 Anabaptist Witness Journal
Topic: Interview w/ Elaine & Ched on Healing Haunted Histories
Video 90 min: View on YouTube