“Luke’s Jesus Shows and Tells Sabbath Economics”: Five Studies in the Third Gospel

Please note – this teaching series is available for US $20.00 from Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries – email us to purchase. Please note this price is for one household use – for groups using this series for study we charge on a sliding scale depending on the group size – email us for the pricing.

This series consists of five webinar lectures on Luke’s gospel.  Each session (about 90 minutes) focuses on a different “core sample” text showing how Luke portrays Jesus as a practitioner and visionary of Sabbath Economics.  The texts are included on slides, and some contextual reading and analysis exercises and discussions about how to preach texts are included.  We recommend this series for stand-alone individual or group study, as a good introduction to a socio-economic reading of the Third Gospel, which is featured in Lectionary Year C.  (Note: There is some Q & A with STU students, and a few “lacunas” when students were in small groups.)

  1. Text, Context, Recontextualization: “Do you see this woman?” (Lk 7:36-8:3).
  2. Eucharist in the Wilderness and Sabbath Economics (Lk 9:10-17). 
  3. The Problem of pleonexia (Lk 12:13-34): Reading Luke’s First Rich Man Parable in the Anthropocene. 
  4. Poor Man, Rich Man and the Parable of the Minas (Lk 18:35-19:28). 
  5. Literacy in the Prophetic “Script”: The Emmaus Road Catechism (Lk 24:13-48).

Recorded from video-conference lectures given to a class at Saskatoon Theological Union, January 7 to 11, 2019.
Note: A PDF with instructions and links to the recorded webinars will be emailed to you once payment is received (PayPal/credit cards available).

SKU: 2019-LukeSabbathEconomics

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